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Nick, 22, Florida
Architecture student. Tattoos, stretched ears, and tea enthusiast.
Bikes, cars, jeeps, firearms, snorkeling, and paintball. Violin player for 14 years.



Be patient with him. I can’t speak for everyone, but I had a rough time transitioning back. I was walking past some construction and a worker fired a nailgun and I reached for a weapon that wasn’t there. I still get nervous around fireworks, and I will take a 15 minute detour to avoid driving over bridges. Please, for his and your sake, be patient with him.

For me , it was trains!  I lived near a tire plant and when the box cars coupled ,it sounded like a mortar  firing.  Manys’ the night I woke up in a sweat after hearing that noise.  Good news ;it goes away in time.



It’s just so tasty, and really helps keep things regular!

People are people, I don’t really mind answering the question all the time. Better to be open about it than become one of those grumpy people who get offended over every little damn thing.

Damn straight